Looking for a Psychotherapist?

An excellent resource to find therapists throughout Nashville:!directory


You might also try the Psychology Today directory:


Or, if you need low-fee therapy:




Many (though by no means all) HSPs also have ADHD, which is really more like "Attention Management Disorder" rather than the "deficit" its name suggests.  Alie Ward's podcast interview with Dr. Russell Barkley has loads of helpful info:


If you'd like to be evaluated for ADHD and/or think you might benefit from a medication, I'd recommend this Nashville specialist:


Or, a quick and humorous way to see if the shoe might fit:  Dani Donovan's ADHD comics!



Conscious Leadership Group

A groundbreaking, values-oriented approach to personal and organizational growth:


One of my favorite CLG resources is their handout on what is and isn't in our control (scroll down to Commitment #11):




On one level, the Enneagram is a personality typology; on another, it can provide a rich pathway for spiritual growth. 


At this website, I recommend taking the RHETI and then signing up for the free daily EnneaThought emails with your top two types:


To go even more in-depth, you can find out your Tritype (your leading type in all three intelligence centers of body, head, and heart, as developed by Katherine Fauvre):

You might also enjoy Fauvre's videos, many of which are available on YouTube.


The Enneagram Global Summit, an online conference produced by the Shift Network, is held annually and features dozens of leading Enneagram teachers and topics:



Family Systems Theory

These two links provide overviews of Bowenian Family Systems Theory (FST),

a useful way of understanding the emotional patterns in families, other groups and organizations, first developed by Dr. Murray Bowen.  Often problems that first appear to be located within an individual, can be better understood (and helped) by taking a wider, systemic approach:



Feminist Survival Podcast

Twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski, co-authors of the amazing book Burnout (which is also about "completing the stress cycle" and resisting the "Bikini Industrial Complex"), have a must-listen podcast:



Highly Sensitive Persons

Dr. Elaine Aron's groundbreaking and wonderfully helpful work on those of us with Highly Sensitive Personality:

I recommend reading her books The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Person in Love.  While not specifically about HSPs, The Undervalued Self is also a useful resource for anyone struggling with low self-worth.


Also, there appears to be some overlap between Highly Sensitive Personality (a.k.a. Sensory Processing Sensitivity) and the health conditions described in this article on RCCX Theory:



Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

Byron Katie's brilliant method for getting un-stuck:



Susan Underwood Physical Therapy

A wonderful, holistic team of physical therapists located in the Green Hills area of Nashville:



Track Your Personality & Attachment Style

This free site allows you to complete different several assessments, then saves your answers so that you can compare your results over time.  An excellent way to check in with yourself every few months to review your tendencies, relationships, and life circumstances:




Need a retreat?  Here's a nearby place that is lovely, peaceful, and affordable:


Having trouble finding time to cook?  Here's a local, healthy meal delivery service:


My friend and colleague Vanessa Londino's wonderful podcast on mental health: