Dr. Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier (she/her/hers) provides holistic psychotherapy with an eye toward the intricate connections among our minds, souls, bodies, and relationships.  She earned a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Religion, Psychology, & Culture, where her dissertation research explored creativity and mystical experience.  Dr. Laura is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist (#60) and completed two-year certification in Nashville's Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training program in 2016.  She serves as the president of the Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists (2020-24) and has held church music positions in several different denominations.


Dr. Laura's approach is interpersonal (with a focus on relationship patterns), psychodynamic (marked by insights about unconscious motivations), and pastoral (from a perspective grounded in theology and spirituality).  She also uses the Enneagram personality typology and family systems theory.  


Usually therapy sessions are conversational ("talk therapy"), but could also include:

  • Creative prescriptions (music, poetry, art, movies, etc.)

  • Dreamwork

  • Enneagram personality study

  • Essential oils

  • Examining toxic beliefs

  • Listening to the body

  • Lifestyle design

  • Making a family genogram

  • Prayer

  • Reading recommendations

  • Spiritual homework

  • Tracing relationship patterns

  • Unraveling organizational conflict


Dr. Laura's clients include artists and seekers, students and seniors, East Nashville feminists and Brentwood executives, single parents and burned-out Baptists.  As a professional pianist, she especially enjoys working with other musicians and writers in the Nashville community.  Dr. Laura is also a published author and composer and has received Reiki I training.  She loves living in an old house with one passionate partner in marriage, three affectionate felines, and a 1928 baby grand Bösendorfer piano.  In her free time she enjoys her husband's cooking, hearing her adult stepkids' adventures, visiting her rambunctious niece and nephew, neighborhood walks, mystery novels, and hosting a wisdom circle and music nights with friends.


Appointments typically last 50 minutes and cost $200.  A few low-fee spots are reserved for clients in need of financial assistance.  At present these are full, with a wait list as they become available.  Dr. Laura is out-of-network with all insurance and can provide you with a receipt (called a superbill) if you have out-of-network benefits.


Please contact Dr. Laura directly to make an appointment or with any questions.